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Flirting with your Fingers!

Finding love and (ahem) friendship online can make you hot and bothered, for all the wrong reasons. I had assumed going on dating sites would make meeting new people a whole lot easier, but, mind you, the exercise has its own special complications. One, you get crazy or desperate people chatting you up and the extrication process can be iffy. Two, that profile cheat sheet is just too darn long to accomplish. Three, if you want a quality service you have to pay for it. Sigh.

Don't wait for cupid!

You wonder why people even bother when today’s mobile apps take the pain out of the love game with easy, one-click happy hunting. I recently tried a cool new app called Paktor and I must say, my social life never looked so rosy.

Paktor is a breezy, snappy little helper that lets you find new friends and kindred spirits in a safe, bother- free environment, and with just the right amount of information to pique your interest. It’s low maintenance, high yield and it’s simply addicting.

Meet New Friends

All you need do is sign in with your Facebook profile and you can search for new buddies in fifteen seconds flat. What’s more, there is no tedious or over-lengthy profile building or filling out detailed questionnaire, so you hit the ground running. And it’s smart about giving out information, too. All people will see of your details are friends in common, shared interests and additional photos. If they want to know you more, they will have to communicate with you.

Download Paktor NowWhich leads to the best thing about Paktor — it lets you make friends only with people you absolutely want to connect to. Like someone’s profile and you can only start a conversation with them if they like you back. This nifty control gives you perfect anonymity and ensures you don’t have to bother with unwanted friends.

Another great feature – locality. Paktor uses your smartphone’s built-in GPS to search for possible friends near you, so the chances of meeting up are greatly increased. (Just make sure you’re really in the location indicated on your Facebook profile! You make score snarky points for putting down that you live in Timbuktu, but that won’t help you find a date in the real world!)

The newest name in social networking, Paktor was launched in Singapore in June, 2013 and is getting a huge buzz this early for its user-friendliness, anonymity and its ability to hook you up immediately with people near you.

Paktor creates a highly engaging and potent tool for making new friends and meeting people. With Paktor you eliminate the pain of rejection, you can only communicate with friends who liked you back so there’s absolutely no possibility of running into a dead end. Paktor lets you control your experience and leaves it entirely to you if you want to get to know the other person more.

So snap to it and get your social life sizzling. Download Paktor — if you haven’t already and start swiping!

Download on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store!



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