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How to Raise Funds for a Concert Ticket?

The next concert is just a few weeks away. All of your friends are going and they can’t hide their excitement. Are you ready or are you sitting at a corner crying without any money?

On this post, we will share several ways to make money. You just need a little creativity and perseverance so you don’t miss the concerts of your favorite bands and artists.

Before you look for money that you don’t have, you might want to look at the money you already have in your wallet. You need to control your expenses so that you can increase your savings. Learn to live within a budget and stick to it no matter what.

You can also raise money for a concert ticket by asking members of your family to pay for you. It is best that you offer something in exchange for the money that they will give but it might be hard to use this option again in the future.

How to Raise Funds for a Concert Ticket?  Here are 3 simple ways to make money.

1.) Find a Job – This is the most logical solution to any money problem. If you have a job or if you are too young to have a regular job then look for a part-time online job. There are several online jobs available such as graphic designing, writing, etc.

You can start your job hunt through these following websites:

Craigslist is one the top classified ads website where you can find several job openings. You can also post an ad or post your resume to attract potential employers.

Fiverr is a unique marketplace where you can share things you are willing to do for $5. Another popular option is Elance which is also a marketplace for a wide variety of jobs.

All Time Low - Live in Manila Concert

2.) Sell Online – If looking for a job is not an option, you might want to consider letting go of unwanted and unused items. Just open your closet and you will surely find a lot of things that you can sell.

There are several marketplaces where you can sell anything under the sun but among the most popular websites are eBay and Sulit.

3.) Help Companies Advertise – You can also make money while you send an email or by sharing on social networking websites. This is the easiest way to make money but this will take the most time before you can reap the rewards.

If you can send an email, you can make money. All you need to do is sign up on Earnmailer and let them post an ad on your email message. They will pay you in $ or through cellphone load.

You can also earn while posting on Facebook or Twitter. Sign up on 8Share today and cash out P500 with just a few clicks from your friends and family.

If you want to earn money every time you click a link or visit a website, the simple solution is Clixsense which will make you earn money every time you visit their websites.

Another alternative is AdFly which will pay you $ for helping them find people to view their ads. It is very easy so we recommend you sign up today.

There are other proven ways to make money such as by blogging, writing reviews about products, answering surveys and other odd jobs here and there. You just need to pick something that you are willing to do and is within your competency. Don’t forget to set a goal so you can keep track of your progress. It is also ideal that you open a separate bank account so you don’t end up spending your money even before buying a concert ticket.



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